A touchscreen iMac? That’s ‘absurd’ says Apple exec Phil Schiller


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  1. bradavon says:

    The interesting point to note though that Macbooks and iMacs are still seen by the public as the best computers you can get.

    Not Surfaces. Which aren’t known about.

    1. lovethetech says:

      Last 3 quarters declining Apple PC market sales tell the other story while Dell, Asus, HP having growth in sales. And it never crossed still less than 7% in the market share!! . If u exclude the USA Starbucks crowd, it will be less than 4% world market share. XPS and HP elite are loved and reviewed better than Macs.

    2. Ohshiftson says:

      Which public? The one that doesn’t know how to use desktop computers anymore?

  2. bradavon says:

    Windows 10 still needs a lot of work though. Control Panel is still heavily needed and Office 2016 is barely touch friendly.

    But it’s certainly good enough right now to allow for generally useful devices like the Surface Pro.

  3. bradavon says:

    As other have said the Surface Studio shows it’s possible if Apple are prepared to start innovating again.

    “Can you imagine a 27-inch iMac where you have to reach over the air to try to touch and do things? That becomes absurd.””

    That’s why Microsoft decided the Surface Studio so you don’t do that.

  4. Zen777 says:

    I’ve got touchscreen on my PC at work. Haven’t used it once.

    1. lovethetech says:

      U need training for it?

    2. bradavon says:

      You could do though and many do.

    3. Rapsy says:

      It depends what you work?

  5. Daniel Hobbs says:

    The surface studio literally proves you can do all of this.

    Windows 10 is optimized for mouse and touch.. yet Apple say this can’t be done?

    Similar to the pencil, I am sure Apple will follow trend. They will do the usual “we won’t do this” then do it and claim they invented it.


    1. bradavon says:

      Windows 10 still needs a lot of work though. Control Panel is still heavily needed and Office 2016 is barely touch friendly.

      1. lovethetech says:

        Control panel is not for surfers, utube watchers and moms and grand mas/pas. It is for more tech advanced who knows how to use the touch + keyboard & a mouse .

        Office products have productivity gains with touch capabilities.

  6. ta2025 says:

    How totally out of touch can they get? Apple has come full circle.

  7. Andrew Fox says:

    > “We’ve absolutely come away with the belief that it isn’t the right thing to do. Our instincts were correct,” Schiller concluded.

    As proven by what exactly?

  8. Matty Brennan says:

    I’m sorry apple but you are just simply wrong.

  9. Masklayer says:

    If they were really “thinking about the whole platform,” maybe they’d consider converging their touch focused platforms and their non-touch friendly platforms. If fragmentation is the issue, isn’t a fully universal platform the real solution for everyone?

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